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COVID-19 Tracker

As we move through the pandemic, we have all been inundated with statewide, national and international data sets and trends. However, we have had very little local data available. We are excited to be able to bring you our local COVID-19 numbers in this format.

We will be updating this information weekly, and keeping close tabs on our overall cases, hospitalizations and deaths. We will include commentary when appropriate and try to help you make sense of what COVID is doing right here in Columbia County.

We invite you to come back to this page often to keep informed of our local epidemic burden and up to date risks of transmission.

Dr. Jay Franks

Internal Medicine, Southern Medical Group

During this pandemic we have all seen a large amount of information and data on numbers of COVID cases and the hospitalizations across the nation and state. Often this looks overwhelming and difficult to interpret as to the importance of the information.

Dr. Franks and his team wanted to provide objective information and Magnolia Regional Medical Center has been able to provide him with accurate and real time de-identified data on COVID patients and the impact of vaccinations on a very local level.

Using data we collect on our ER visits, hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccination status combined with the information Dr. Franks and his team gather, our hope is that you can be more informed as to the importance of vaccines and using factual, verified, and local information, you can use this information to make good medical decisions for you and your family.

Rex Jones

CEO, Magnolia Regional Medical Center

Have Questions?

Reach out! We want to help you understand what this data means for you and your loved ones.

If you don't see the information you need in the FAQ section below, please contact Connor DeLoach here at SMG, who also maintains the data presented on this page.

cdeloach@smgarkansas.com(870) 234-5995


Where is the data collected from?

Magnolia Regional Medical Center is the source of all data on positive COVID-19 patients at the hospital. WebIZ, or the Arkansas Immunization Information System, is used to determine each patient's immunization status.

Data for the 14-day rolling average for percent positivity comes from the Arkansas Department of Health. Everyday, the percent positivity is calculated by SMG personnel to generate a rolling average of 14 days. Every person in Columbia County who has been reported to the ADH for COVID-19 is included in this graph. Magnolia Regional Medical Center did NOT provide this information.

Who collects the data?

Magnolia Regional Medical Center staff collects the data, which is then examined by Southern Medical Group personnel.

How is the data analyzed?

If a COVID-19 patient visits the ER or is admitted to Magnolia Regional Medical Center, their immunization status is reviewed. After that, the patient is classified as either unvaccinated, fully vaccinated, or partially vaccinated.

What do the different vaccine statuses mean?

The term "fully vaccinated" refers to a patient who has received two Pfizer or Moderna doses or one Janssen dose. The second vaccine must have been given at least two weeks previous to the hospital visit for Moderna and Pfizer. Janssen's single immunization has to be given at least two weeks prior to the hospital visit.

The term "partially vaccinated" refers to a patient who has only gotten one dose of Moderna or Pfizer, and that dose was given at least two weeks earlier to the hospital visit. This also includes individuals who have two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna, but within two weeks of the second dose.

The term "unvaccinated" refers to a patient who has not received any COVID-19 vaccine or who has not received the first immunization for at least two weeks previous to their hospital visit.

How often is this dashboard updated?

The information in this dashboard is updated on a weekly basis.

Why did data collection start February 2021?

February is when the vaccine started being accessible to the public in Columbia County.

What if vaccine status was unknown?

Patients with an unknown vaccine status means that they were absent from the WebIZ database. This means that no vaccinations have been recorded in the state of Arkansas. These patients, on the other hand, could have received a vaccine in another state. Due to this uncertainty, these individuals were excluded from these data analysis.